Saving Lives, Addressing Health, and Increasing Safety During Spring Break 2024

Apr 23, 2024

The SPOT Team in Fort Lauderdale Beach Distributing Narcan
Fort Lauderdale, FL (April 2024) – Care Resource continued its annual spring break effort of harm reduction initiatives through The SPOT (The Special Purpose Outreach Team), aimed at promoting safety, education, and community well-being. Throughout this critical period, The SPOT, Broward County’s only approved Syringe Services Program, took proactive measures to address the health and safety needs of college students, beachgoers, and members of the community. Through strategic outreach and engagement efforts, The SPOT successfully distributed nearly 10,000 doses of Narcan, ensuring that individuals had access to this critical resource in the event of an overdose.


“We’ve put thousands of Narcan doses into spring breakers hands which creates an army of first responders,” said Dr. Thomas Smith, Director of Behavioral Health Services at Care Resource. “By providing life-saving resources like Narcan and offering education on safer substance use practices, we not only save lives but also empower people to make informed choices about their health and well-being.”

In addition to Narcan distribution, The SPOT increased awareness about the risks of substance use and provided information on harm reduction practices. These initiatives included distributing informational materials and engaging with the community in-person and through social media campaigns and equipping them with knowledge to stay safe and help save lives.

The SPOT mobile medical clinic also offers essential medical services such as HIV & Hepatitis C testing and wound care. Additionally, individuals can also access harm reduction supplies at no-cost, including fentanyl test strips, condoms, and new syringes. By providing access to these crucial resources, The SPOT aims to mitigate the risks associated with substance use and promote overall public health.

The SPOT remains dedicated in its mission to provide essential harm reduction services and medical support to the community. Plans for a new physical location are underway, which will further expand the reach and capabilities of The SPOT’s existing mobile medical clinic.

About The SPOT:
The SPOT is strategically designed to extend vital services to historically underserved communities across Broward County. The program is dedicated to delivering quality healthcare services, seamlessly integrating mental health support, addiction assistance, and harm reduction initiatives into Care Resource’s comprehensive care model. For more information about The SPOT, please visit TheSpotBroward.org, or call 954-566-SPOT (7768). Weekly schedules are posted on Instagram (@thespotbroward) and Facebook (The SPOT Broward).

A Care Resource Program

The SPOT Fund

The SPOT’s mission is sustained by the generosity of community members and organizations. Contributing to The SPOT Fund directly supports crucial initiatives, including the provision of new syringes, the development of educational and outreach materials, and the smooth operation of our mobile clinic. A donation is an investment in the health and well-being of our community, making a tangible difference in harm reduction, education, and accessibility to essential services.